Hey there! I’m Simon—a student interested in building secure, performant, and private systems. Currently I’m studying computer science at Carnegie Mellon University with a concentration in computer systems, though I broadly enjoy exploring new problems at the intersections of theoretical computer science, mathematics and software. Much of my previous work has been oriented around theoretical and applied cryptography, systems, and cloud computing.

I’m currently working with Professor Wenting Zheng and The Systems, Networking, and Performance (SNAP) lab here at CMU, and in my spare time am working on Tensordock. Previously, I worked with the Computational Structures Group @ MIT CSAIL studying privacy-preserving database access under the mentorship of Sacha Servan-Schreiber.

I’d love to chat about any of these (or any other disparate) projects, and anything in between, so feel free to reach out :)

email // twitter // google scholar // github